What You Will Get

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We, at LogoProDesign, embark on the various sectors of the industry. We understand the needs of each sector individually and implement the right kind of delivery process for you. Our final version of the logo, post approval, is delivered in all file formats. We ensure that the logo is available in all the formats that we usually provide and also tally with your request of formats. You can download the various formats as soon as we receive your approval. We will mail the logo in different formats to you.

The formats that we will deliver to you:

Jpeg & gif

This is the right file for low resolution use as on the internet. These files can be easily used on the internet but do not use it for print as the image would become pixelated if enlarged. You can use them in the following:


This is essentially a vector image. This qualifies to be used for print purpose as the image can be enlarged and also made smaller without compromising on the quality of the same. This is a customizable file in case you need to make any changes to this file in future. You can use an eps file for the following:


You can use the .tif format for the purpose of transferring digital and for basic printing. You can use this format for the following:


Bmp: This low-resolution format is mainly used by Windows. You can use them in invoices in Quickbooks.


We pick up lightening speed without compromising on quality. If you feel we may goof up, we can assure that is not the case. Our speed has come with our experience followed by improved efficiency. We are a strong team can handle any amount of work load at a shorter span of time while maintaining our standards.


You remain the captain of the project. We give our insight and get it done for you. No wastage of time, no scope for miscommunication (because we keep asking if we are not sure and expect the same from you), complete love for the work we do. That is how we develop logos for you.