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Logo Repair

Your chosen looks a little dubious now? Probably a bit outdated? May be you want a lighter shade of the color or may be you have a fresh idea…

Whatever may be the case; you can refute the logo completely and start of afresh. If you think the design you chose is fallible, we would be more than happy to start afresh and develop something in tandem with your idea. We start from the scratch, we device, we create and we bring out the essence of the design to your utmost satisfaction. Another option that we can provide you with is a LOGO REPAIR.

We consider your logo that needs revision and then we repair the same to a design more exhilarating and effective. Few simple tweaks here and there, you suggestions, color shade changes and adjustments… Voila!! You get your new repaired logo. This overhaul can only heighten your chances of making it big.

It might be a case that you do not have the vector files and the formats transferred to you by the previous designer. You might have lost it or misplaced it. You might never have the file in those formats. Whatever is the reason it might be a cause of worry but not with LogoProDesigns. Just provide us with the logo and we can do the rest for you. We will easily spruce up the design and create the vector image. You will need the format in order to create an impact while branding and marketing your company and products.

Let us know your requirement. The color of the logo, the changes you have in mind and other adjustments that you may want. We would also expect you to provide us with your company profile which would give us an idea about the kind of logo you would need.

We have lightening speed turn around and deliver on the promised time. Despite the quickness and speed, we do not fail to provide genuine quality.

Just one look at your logo and you know that it is just a new one. The freshness and uniqueness can only amaze you to the hilt. The tiresome logo design that has been affecting you for a while is now a refurbished, state-of-the-art innovative design that can shoot up your brand recall.

Only against a small investment you get a new dimension to your business and brand, this means a lot to us. We do not perform mechanically but give our own touch to any project that we take up. This enhances our credibility and gives a new dimension to your business. We work together to make YOU a success.