Terms & Conditions

Making Your Brands Since 2005

Logo Pro Design Company has set certain rules and regulations for all kinds of transactions. If you have decided to be a client of the company, you are required to abide by the rules and policies. The sets of terms and conditions are subject of revision at any point of time, according to requirements.

Some of the basic modules are:

1. Money Return Assurance:

We guarantee a complete satisfaction and value for your money. Our logos have a wonderful record of being preferred by almost everyone. They are specially created in such a way that it is unique and gratify your need to the toe. In case, you are not contented with our products, you will get an unconditional refund of the money that you have paid. We take a pride at being the company who excels in outstanding service and world class design. Our designers take the utmost effort to create inimitable pieces. But in case, you feel that you are not totally fulfilled, you can always avail the 100% money back guarantee. You can actually provide your ideas and our team will conceptualize it.

Exceptions where you will not be provided a refund:

If clients demand multiple revisions

After the completion of the term period, the guarantee ceases to work.

2. Shipment Policy:

We guarantee a delivery on time, through the use of the internet technologies, rather e-mail to be more specific. The date specification is always maintained in all conditions, though there may be exceptions in special circumstances.

3. Ownership policy (right to use)

The delivery of the product from our company to the client ensures that the client has all rights over the product. After you have made the purchase, you are free to modify the logo according to your discretion. The ownership policy ensures that you have complete copyright privileges. You can use the product without any royalty fee.

4. Quality maintenance policy

Our designers ensure that our clients get the optimum satisfaction with the purchase. Thus we are ready to provide you unlimited adjustment offers. The logos are made in such a way, that you are sure to be pleased, as it will suit your specifications. Our main aim is to offer you cent percent satisfaction.

5. Privacy Policy

We ensure total privacy of all the details that you provide us. Thus your email ids and phone numbers will be safe with us.

6. Copyright Policy

Logo Pro Design company assures all clients that the designs are truly unique and there is no chance of being similar with other logos of other companies. We conceptualize and customize our products. Finalization of the product ensures that it cannot be utilized by others in any forms.